The laundry chore

Torture! Torture! Day after day, the same gestures: 

Bring the laundry back to the machine, oddly enough he doesn't have legs to go on his own yet!
Sort the laundry: colour, white, wool,...
Do the laundry
Extend them
Fold the laundry,
Put it back in the cupboards....and start over.
Well now that it's said, how do we make it less painful and how do we include all family members?

Let's start by giving legs at the laundry , how?

It's very simple:

RULE N°1: Laundry that is not in the laundry room or next to the washing machine will not be washed.

ChemiseFor starters :

It's necessary to invest. a basket for each one (in each room) if possible of the same size (equivalent to half a load of the machine approximately) but of different colors (otherwise, hello the fights of the kind it is mine, not mine,...). I chose plastic baskets not too big. For adults, they are made of imitation wicker with a lid, it's prettier.Panier en plastique jaune anis 3 potichelli

Then I put my rule number one into effect. I can assure you that your children or your husband will only forget his laundry once. When they have to go to work with a dirty shirt or play sports with a more than smelly jog, given the shame, they don't do it again.

Afterwards, they must be reminded regularly of the rule, otherwise, the risk is to see all the baskets of laundry arrive on Saturday and to spend the weekend in the laundry.

To go further, you can set up a laundry schedule by assigning a day of washing to each family member and keeping the weekend off.



Optimize laundry

RULE 2: If you try wrong, be careful of the damage!

That's right, who never ended up with a barbie sweater after a failed wash, or with her pink underwear because someone had left a red sock in the white basket.

For my part, I have 3 designated laundry baskets:

600one for white or light colours
one for black or dark colours
one for woollen or delicate items
you can add one for household linen since the temperature is not the same as for the rest of the linen. (it is the bathroom basket that serves as my 4th bin).

For those who have a washing machine in the bathroom or kitchen, when designing these 2 places, remember to provide washing drawers.Panier a linge de salle de bain pl2 en situation

Then, you have to teach everyone to recognize the colors (easy!! not so easy!! not so much. you have to know the difference between light or dark jeans, a water green and dark green T-shirt,...) so a little bit of pedagogy at the beginning and after that it rolls. which means, that each family member brings back his laundry, sorts his basket and puts his basket back in his room. and hop ! one step less. 

Another detail, they all learned to put stain remover on their clothes. so I don't have to do that either. My son has very fragile t-shirts (with flock prints), he has also learned to put his fragile t-shirts in washing nets. But if it's possible...

And you noticed, I haven't lifted a finger yet!!!!! so cool.

Laundry, well, I would have almost been bored!

I spend less than three minutes doing laundry. I put the laundry of one of the 4 baskets in the machine, the liquid laundry ball, I set the machine and it's over! What, I don't check what they did? no! otherwise how will they learn? you have to make mistakes to learn.

Spreading and drying, the most important part

Img 20170127 173105

RULE 3: Laying well done, no ironing!

I have a great technique, no more pinch marks on the sleeves or neckline, no more crumpled pants, no more ironing shirts (impossible!! but no, you're going to see) and in addition I save time to store the laundry.

I use a tower stretcher, it allows me to dry the pants without folding them, so they dry faster, better and without wrinkling. I stretch them by the belt.

For the t-shirts, I spread them from the bottom, which avoids having deformations of the t-shirt on the neckline or sleeves. In a maximum of one day, everything is dry. 



Img 20170127 173304
Img 20170127 174518

On the other hand, for shirts or sweaters that deform I use belts. Otherwise be careful with ironing and false folds.

Anyway, I haven't ironed anything in about two years. I have also selected my clothing purchases for the past 3 or 4 years. My husband only has easy ironing shirts (yes, it does exist and well extended, you can do it without ironing at all. I don't buy linen or cotton shirts,... But it didn't all happen in a day. I have eliminated the chore of ironing my routines gradually.

Folding, an art! in my abstract world!

I will introduce you to different techniques. Marie Kondo's is great if you have small closets, not much space and time.


Marie Kondo: Basic Folding Method

Plieuse de vêtements Tunisie

The folding machine is not bad, especially when you can't fold the laundry or for children.


I chose the least perfect folding method in the world but for me the fastest. Because with 2 teenagers, I do about 45kg of laundry per week.

I fold the laundry as it comes... i. e. if the garment is upside down, I fold it upside down, the same goes for socks. I fold the laundry upright by sticking it to my chest (a bit like the women selling clothes in clothing stores). I can fold 9kg of laundry in less than 5 minutes.

you're going to tell me that it's not great to fold the laundry upside down. Once again, it's educational, the inhabitants of the house are forced to turn over their jeans before dressing or their socks and therefore waste time. Little by little, I have more and more laundry in the right place in the machines.

In addition, as one Internet user pointed out to me, laundry is better protected if it is washed upside down.

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