How to do it quickly and well?

On average, I spend 30 minutes a week shopping. You don't believe me? Well, it's true.

This is my method:

1.  I start by writing my weekly menus on my card that you will find in the organizer. If I am able to choose my menus in 5 minutes, it is because beforehand I took time to fill in the form on the organization of meals by season and by week.

2.  Then, I complete my shopping list according to what I have left in the cupboards or in the fridge (10 minutes).

3.  Then, I connect to a drive (groceries)

4.  By using these services, I really save time and money. I only buy what is on my shopping list, I am not tempted by products that are often useless and I no longer throw food away. It takes about 10 minutes to place an order and 5 minutes for delivery in the safe.

So if we calculate correctly in 30 minutes, I did my shopping. There you go! 

How to eat balanced meals?

Smiley grisWe hear so much about food that it becomes difficult to distinguish between things. If like me, you have 2 teenagers at home and one of them hates vegetables and the other hates meat. It's going crazy.

So, I have chosen to respect the following principles:



1. no or very little meat in the evening.
Viande grisewhy? It's better to eat meat for lunch. It is heavier to digest and therefore can disrupt sleep and digestion in the evening. If you really can't do without it, choose very lean meats like turkey or chicken.




Remember, there are plenty of protein-rich foods that can replace meat like:

  • the eggs
  • fishes
  • crustaceans
  • cheeses
  • yoghurts
  • starchy foods (lentils, soya, seeds,...)
  • dried fruit,...

2. Fish at least twice a week
Poisson griswhy? for omega 3 and because it's good to cook well. For those who don't like fish very much, think of gratins or brandade. In this form fish is often mixed with other foods and is therefore less strong in taste.



3. at least 3 vegetables per day
Nouvelle carotteNot possible? but if it's easy, think of the starters. Cucumber as a starter and a steak with green beans and hop! 2 vegetables. In the evening a small soup and hop! at least 1 more vegetable.




4. no more than 2 fruits per day
Framboise grisewhy? fruits contain a lot of sugar and sugar turns into fat. On the other hand, in the morning, an orange, lemon or grapefruit juice will allow you to start the day off well. To balance your day, take a fruit at noon and a yogurt in the evening, for example.




Otherwise eat everything. Your body need a little fat and bread every day. The important thing is not to eat too much.

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