Family planning

Here is my organizational plan, I hope it will become yours.

What's so different about him? It is a clever tool, evolving according to the desires and needs.

It consists of different sub-sections:

Phone book

Agenda 8a phone book that allows you to locate and call both your plumber and your attending physician at a glance.


Agenda 9Same principle as for the phone book, we can visualize the children's schedule and the date on which we must plant our carrots in less time than it takes to say it.


Repas 9No more "what are we eating tonight" or "we're going to the pizzeria" on Friday nights because the fridge is empty.

With my little tips, you'll have enough to eat for the week, you'll only do the shopping once and you'll only have to worry about your menus once a week.

Leisures times

Loisirs 9How to save time on leisure, you will tell me that it's stupid since the principle is precisely to relax and enjoy.

Ok, but who has never wanted to find a solution to go on a peaceful holiday without forgetting anything and not realizing when he arrived at the airport that his passport is on his desk at home.

Or who doesn't dream of planning a huge family celebration without realizing at the last moment that he forgot the plastic cutlery.

With these small helpers, you will save time on organization and therefore be able to better enjoy your leisure time.


Home maintenance


As you will have understood, these are actually domestic chores. Except for some maniacal cleaning and cleanliness that I admire. For most of us, cleaning means fatigue, mess and waste of time.

If, in addition, you have to remember when the plumber has to come by to maintain the boiler, it becomes a real headache.

So to simplify everything (but you'll still have to clean up, sorry), here are a few tips.



Vehicule 2When did you do your last revision? Or when did you change your tires? How many miles did your son drive with a guide?

If you can't answer his questions, my little cards, you will certainly be useful.


Budget 3For me, the budget was all about "ouch! The end of the month is going to be tough". Why? What made me go into the red? I didn't know that.

With my budget page, I can locate my sources of ordinary and exceptional expenses.

Scolarite 5Schooling or how to juggle with the minutes and hours of the day.

Between school, sport, speech therapy or speech therapy, we look more like magicians than parents (because we can almost be in 2 places at the same time sometimes).

So to combine everything and not to lose your head, these little cards should make your life easier.

Bebe 6During the 9 months, we want to do the right thing and we try not to forget anything for the D-day and for the return home.

These small sheets contain everything you will need without the superfluous and what the saleswoman will try to make you buy.

The goal is to have enough space to welcome baby and not to transform your apartment into a store.

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