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​How to get organized?

In this folder you will find dozens of sheets to download free of charge to organize your family life, your accounts, your projects. The aim is to simplify your daily life on sometimes painful tasks to save time for your leisure or your family for example.

The Bullet journal

The bullet journal allows you to organize yourself but in a creative and fun way. Every day, we can let our imagination run wild and create pretty designs around our diaries and other bonus pages.I like this tool because it allows me to relax in the evening when I get home from work.

Tips to save time

​Organizational advice

My little tips are always aimed at saving you time on chores like laundry or shopping. By following them, you will save several hours a week to enjoy them as you wish.

I am also in the process of selecting my favorite apps for you to better organize myself for those who prefer the digital format to the paper format

Time-saving cooking recipes

Find here : simple, tasty and quick recipes

Sort by type of recipe, you can easily print the sheets according to your desires.


My creations: Because I have more time for myself

​My unpretentious creations

This is the result of my family organization (certainly quasi-military) but the advantage is that I have time to paint, read, sew, have a good time with my family, while working full time with 2 children at home. If I can do it, you can do it too and I don't neglect my sleep to get everything done.